Beginners Crochet or Beginners Knitting?

I haven’t decided – crochet or knitting or can I do both?.

Knitting or Crochet?

So are you a knitter or do you favour crochet or maybe you have learnt to do both, do you think one is easier that one is easier that the other….so many questions?

I have dabbled with both of these crafts over the years but would not say that I am fluent in either!. Both knitting and crochet will enable you to make lots of clothing item, home decor and of course soft toys that may become a family heirloom.

Maybe you don’t really have a preference and it is just the purchasing of the beautiful skeins of yarn that attracts you…or have you attended one of our workshops and are now hooked?

Over the next few months I will let you know how I get on with my renewed interest in these crafts but in the interim let me know if you have a favourite and why?.

Are you ready to craft?

We are ready to craft and it would be great if you could join us. This year we will be introducing some new crafts just for you at our studio in Leicestershire. We are very much thinking about sustainability and how we can reduce waste and if you know anybody who crafts, you’ll know that they like to keep all their little odds and ends of materials…just in  case.

A great way of using scraps of fabric is some patchwork. Large quilts might spring to mind but patchwork is great for smaller projects and compliments denim very well. If you have a hole or worn bit in your jeans now is the time to patch it! Preparing a scrap of fabric to be used as a patch for craftPatchwork can be very simple to start with, just cut your fabric remnants or maybe a preloved shirt into squares or strips and then sew right sides together, open out the seams and press. Once you have a few pieces of patchwork then sew then to your garment. This can be a very simple but effective running stich and voila – extra wear from a garment that you may have otherwise discarded.

If you would like to have a rummage through our fabric scraps and try some patchwork why not book onto one of our workshops?.

Spring Craft Ideas

The mornings are getting lighter and the days are getting longer…must be time to be thinking about some Spring Craft ideas. There are so many crafts that you can do at home to get your creative juices flowing and they do not have to be expensive and can involve the children ( some activities may need supervision).

Some of the easy DIYs for example would be to use old magazines to cut out Easter shapes and string together for bunting. Or if you would like to make something more generic may for the garden you could upcycle an old quilt cover to make bunting and sew by machine or hand.

What about some Salt Dough ( lots of recipes on the internet) or Air Dry Clay Eggs, a perfect excuse to get out those cookie cutters that you have gathered over the years but you could also go free style with your shapes or use some containers to cut your shapes, I find yogurt pots are the perfect size ( just remember to eat the yoghurt and rinse the pot first or it will get messy!). Once the egg has dried you can use some pens to write your Easter message.