I think like most people I am glad to see to see the back of 2020 and start the year with trepidation but also with some hope.


Last year I had a lot of plans and made the decision to put down some roots for my small business. Over the last few years it has been great fun attending craft fairs and events and hosting workshops at venues but there also comes a time when you really just want to have everything in one place and not be loading stock in and out of the car/office/garage.

Not on the High Street

As I knew I would not be in my business every day and I would not be hiring staff, the decision to not rent a unit on the high street was an easy one. I wanted somewhere accessible 24/7, within each reach of home and within easy reach of public transport and parking so customers could attend my workshops.

it is difficult to find affordable suitable premises but I had my eye on somewhere local but had to wait for a unit to become available. After a few phone calls and a fleeting visit on a Friday afternoon in November 2020 a match was found – The Springboard Centre in Coalville!

Tune in next month for an update and the plans for 2021

Workshops for Lockdown Learning

So we have got this far – have you crafted yourself silly yet?. The lockdown has effected people in many ways but some have taken it as an opportunity to adjust to a new normal and maybe introduce some Lockdown Learning.

This might range from anything in the crafty world to any new skill or just an chance to brush up on some old favourites, maybe even read a book, the good old fashioned paper variety – remember those?

Hands on or Virtual?

I have found over the years I like to learn with a hands on approach. I like to see what is happening, how somebody handles a product, what environment they are in and the opportunity for a natter. In this new world we are in at present that has been taken away with the social distancing and we are resorting to more on line learning, which is not to everybody’s taste.

Last week I hosted my first on line interactive craft session and it was somewhat nerve wracking – both for me and the 4 participants.

The technical set up was mind boggling and I felt like I needed to be an octopus to keep the camera, laptop, microphone all in sync. So with a cup of tea on hand we kicked of the session with a look into the contents of the craft kit that the attendees had first purchased from our website and then I gave a short demonstration of putting the product together whilst the audience looked on and asked questions.

Your turn

So with the kit assembled and initial nerves over a quick recap of the steps to take it was the turn of the virtual attendees. At this stage I could hear some mumbling and then silence as they started to concentrate forgetting they had a camera on them. Slowly I could see the crafters relaxing and we started to see the finished Owls emerging, no mean feat on a Saturday evening.

Phew – mission accomplished

So 90 minutes later we all agreed the session was a success and would meet again in a few weeks with another kit.

I know learning on the internet is not the same as getting around a table and nattering and making but I think this online learning malarkey may have to become the norm for a while…..

so what have you learnt on the internet…did you enjoy it?