Wedding season and happily ever after

So the wedding season is upon us with many a couple making the final preparations of the dress, shoes and those all important wedding party gifts. In recent years has been a growing trend of giving personalised soap and candles to your friends and family instead of the little voile bags containing sugared almonds which has been a long standing tradition.

The Anniversary Gift

So the honeymoon is over and the happy couple settle into life and all to quickly it is the first anniversary. My husband and I have been married a long time but as we approached our 1st anniversary we decided to choose gifts of a traditional nature. So with the first being a gift of Paper I received a book, the second year for Cotton it was a tea towel not so romantic but practical!

Collections of Soap, Wood & Wool

As the years have passed by we have exchanged many gifts and with little expense and a lot of thought these items have become treasured memories. So here are a few suggestions for you if you are looking for new ideas that will be sure to delight and remain traditional.

4th Year – how about some handmade soap? Rose & Vanilla with rose petals is a delight.

5th Year – how about a personalised pyrography plaque with a favourite quote or time and place   – handmade makes it extra special.

7th Year – A little needle felted wool heart – this could be on a brooch or a keying?

we would love to help you find the perfect gift but whatever you choose and however you celebrate your anniversary we offer our congratulations and best wishes.



The Pyrography Clock is Not Ticking…….

I’m Late, I’m Late!

At the beginning of this year I said I would be super organised and have all my pyrography Christmas gift range finished by the end of September. It is now the middle of November and the wooden pyrography clocks are not ticking as they are still a work in progress.

I have a little secret…I like to spend five minutes at the end of the day browsing Pinterest but the browsing has not turned into production hence I have a lot of wood in cupboards and not completed gifts.

At this time of the year our thoughts turn to finding the perfect gift for a relative, friend or loved one. There is also the last minute search for the easy to wrap gift for the dreaded secret Santa endured at many a workplace.

Years ago wherever you looked you could have a glance at a clock on a wall as we all did our own personnel impression of the White Rabbit….running and saying ‘I’m late, ‘I’m Late.

So where have all the clocks gone?

With the increasing use of technology in our every day lives we use the clocks on our phones, computers, TV’s cooker etc. and the traditional wall clock has become less of a design feature in our homes.

So I plan to finish my clock in time for Christmas, the template has been cut and the piece of locally sourced oak wood sliced and dried and I just need to pyrography the face.


I have 42 days until Christmas Eve – surely I can find some free time between now and then?


Pyrography Clock – Almost!