When to jump from a hobby into a business

Honed at the kitchen table

I have always had a passion for crafting and making things. Am I any good, could I take my hobbies and turn my talents and hobby into a business, well this is something I have been thinking about for a while.

I get a lot of satisfaction when I create something, I like the excitement of the design and planning stage, I like the execution and making the product, be it handmade soap, an apron, a needle felted toy or a bit of pyrography on a locally sourced piece of wood.  I like sharing my knowledge with other people and hope they get a spark of my enthusiasm to switch of from everyday stresses and physically make something instead of clicking the order now button on Amazon Prime.

I have spent many years in project management roles in retail and the NHS, and given the current retirement age I could be working for as many years into the future – but is this the life I want?

I have been reading a few books of late that are making me question what do I want to do and the question is When  To Jump. – This is a great read – I even bought a real book!

Talent into Turnover

So I know that I will not earn as much in the crafting world and in the beginning I would be making a loss but the question is can I begin to earn enough to live on and would the experience still be an enjoyable one and not turn my love of crafting into a chore will it still be a hobby and not just a business?

The boring administration

Turning a hobby into a business also requires a lot of initial administration , setting up a company, building a website (my sister led me through this torture and I drank a lot of wine – thank you), all the social media required, finding time to make products and then sell them. At one point last year I thought ‘ you are crazy’ and then I thought you would be crazy not to try.

Planning The Jump

So having had some time to reflect, I have devised a cunning plan with sisters and brothers in tow. I have set myself a goal for turning my hobbies into a full time business over the next few years so the question is not will I jump but when.

So have you turned your hobbies into a business – drop me line and let me know. 








The joy of Peppermint Soap

Joyful Peppermint

Peppermint, known botanically as Mentha pipperita, is a hybrid between watermint and spearmint, it grows in all parts of the world and has smooth and often purple leaves and purple labiate flowers. It is widely used in soap making due to its aromatic and antimicrobial nature as well as its toning properties. It is also a drying herb and is not recommended for dry or flaky skin conditions.



As the spring arrives we look to sprucing ourselves up a little and exfoliating of our winter coats. The feet have usually been neglected over the winter months and now is the time to freshen up those little toe with a tingling peppermint soap.


Why not order some today?

The Pyrography Clock is Not Ticking…….

I’m Late, I’m Late!

At the beginning of this year I said I would be super organised and have all my pyrography Christmas gift range finished by the end of September. It is now the middle of November and the wooden pyrography clocks are not ticking as they are still a work in progress.

I have a little secret…I like to spend five minutes at the end of the day browsing Pinterest but the browsing has not turned into production hence I have a lot of wood in cupboards and not completed gifts.

At this time of the year our thoughts turn to finding the perfect gift for a relative, friend or loved one. There is also the last minute search for the easy to wrap gift for the dreaded secret Santa endured at many a workplace.

Years ago wherever you looked you could have a glance at a clock on a wall as we all did our own personnel impression of the White Rabbit….running and saying ‘I’m late, ‘I’m Late.

So where have all the clocks gone?

With the increasing use of technology in our every day lives we use the clocks on our phones, computers, TV’s cooker etc. and the traditional wall clock has become less of a design feature in our homes.

So I plan to finish my clock in time for Christmas, the template has been cut and the piece of locally sourced oak wood sliced and dried and I just need to pyrography the face.


I have 42 days until Christmas Eve – surely I can find some free time between now and then?


Pyrography Clock – Almost!