Crafts, from needle felting to blocking printing and more

Look up the word “Craft” in the Oxford or Cambridge dictionary and you will get a similar definition: “an activity involving skill in makings things by hand”

At Wobbly Pins we love to make things by hand, with the joy of pursuing an enjoyable hobby and the challenge of learning new skills.

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to kick start your next fabulous craft project. We invite you to rummage through some of the creative crafts that we offer in our workshops or have enjoyed trying ourselves over the years. Remember, every creation is unique, there are no errors in crafting, just happy moments. There is always room for a pom pom if in doubt!

We haven’t tried bookbinding or millinery yet (they are on our list for next year) but if you are interested in some heritage crafts a good place to check out is the list of crafts from the Heritage Crafts Association.

Here are just some of the crafts we invite you to learn at Wobbly Pins

Needle Felting

You might say that needle felting is a Wobbly Pins speciality. We can’t get enough of it and want to share the joys of needle felting with you too. You’ll learn about the equipment and ways of sculpting wool into 2D creations or 3D shapes and characters.

Photo of needle felted cakes - 1st prize in the "table centrepiece" class at the local country show! Great gift for cooks and slimmers alike. The craft of needle felting can be learned at Wobbly Pins.
Needle Felted cakes – 1st prize in the “table centrepiece” class at the local country show! Great gift for cooks and slimmers alike

Block Printing

Block printing has a rich and deep history around the world, we love it! So much so that we’ve wrote an introduction to the ancient art of printing using carved wooden blocks for you.

Photo of block printed items depicting wildlife and equipment for the craft of block printing including wooden blocks, inks and foam.
We’re buzzing with excitement to share the art of block printing with you