Coming Soon -Logo’s & Labels

Coming Soon

So the month of May has been very busy here in the House of Wobbly Pins with some lots of discussions about logo’s & labels . We have been thinking about redesigning our labels for a while as the business has evolved and covers a myriad of crafts.

Classic or Quirky

A few cups of tea and maybe just a few gin & tonics have been consumed whilst doodling and exploring a new label design for our soap and candle range. Should we write a classic or should we be quirky or floral or moody?.


So many choices  are available when trying to decide on a design that reflects your ethos and will not become outdated in this fast moving world but also catch your customers eye when you are faced with so much choice.

We have considered spots, stripes, flowers, geometrics, squares, swirls, font style (important as we get older-I have difficulty reading a lot of labels), shades of purple, & yellow…… get the picture.

The Logo & Label winner is?

So in the end we choose a classic theme, with a classic colour combination , with a font style that you can read without recruiting an interpreter. We have retained our hand doodled birds combined with a new brand to reflect our handmade soap made in small batches and our candle range.

When you are out and about watch out for our new brand labelling arriving in late June,  wrapped around our handmade soap and candles.

We hope you like it as much as we do.



Dry January

Dry January

Traditionally the month of January is devoted to detoxing – how many people have had a dry month in some format?. A few more days until the end of January to reflect to think about what did not work last year, what did go right – either as a result of meticulous  planning or sheer accident and what can we do differently for a more successful, happy and healthy year ahead.

I have been directing these questions to my soapy journey now that I have moved on from the honeymoon period. At the beginning I scoured the internet for information, attended courses, read soapy magazines and washed a lot in 2017, all in the name of research.

Pinterest has been a great companion in the early hours of the morning when I could not sleep, admiring  the many colour and texture combinations of soap makers large and small around the world.

Self Development

So I know what I need to do this year – this means trying some different techniques. I have perfected my trace and have only had 1 seized batch in 18 months, I panicked and threw the soap away in a temper, now I would have the confidence to rebatch it.  I have always lusted after some simple swirls and experimenting with colours, so as a little self development exercise and to achieve this goal I will book myself on another soap course – there is always something new to learn and a good way to network with people with a similar interests.

Faith In Nature

Looking ahead I also want to experiment  and have faith in using natural colours, maybe some nettle and paprika, I will have to raid the kitchen cupboards for inspiration.

Chemical Chain Reaction

The process of soap making and the chemical chain reaction has taught me a lot about myself  – planning, getting the right ingredients in the right order at the right time, dealing with the occasional slip up and making the best of a situation when things go wrong – all can be applied to every day life.

I am at my happiest when I cut the soap and lay it out to cure as I can admire it for a further 6 weeks before it is packed up to be sold. When somebody buys a bar of my soap and I get compliments I still do a little happy jig inside so when I have a bad day over the next 11 months I will reflect on my Dry January and think positive thoughts.




Reducing The Wobbly Footprint

Supporting Zero Waste

By nature we are often drawn to a product by some fantastic bright sparkly packaging but quite often this is thrown away after opening the product and sometimes we are disappointed with what we find inside. Here at Wobbly Pins headquarters (the conservatory or kitchen depending on the weather) we have tried to be more of a wise owl and use packaging that can be recycled or upcycled instead of the magpie approach with lots of glitz and glamour. Over the last year we have introduced many changes:
* handmade bar soap no plastic bottles  * candles in reusable containers *hessian and paper labels  *patchwork bags   *  reusable gift packaging (wooden trays)     * locally sourced wood ends for pyrography   
Wood straw and box

We will continue to reduce our footprint and are currently reviewing options for the outer packaging including the use of wood straw for all packing. We are also considering how to offer an exchange service with a discount for all our candle glass jars and tins that are returned to us.

If you have any other ideas to help us please get in touch or if you would like to support Zero Waste in your area there are some good resources at