Indian Summer lights

Indian Block Printed Light
Would you like to make a summer lantern…join us at a workshop and we will show you how!

What a wonderful few weeks of weather we have had in the UK …was it to hot for you?

As I am very fair skinned I tend to stay in the shade a lot but do look forward to sitting in the garden of an evening and relaxing whilst listening to the birds serenading us.

I think a lot of people have found their garden to be a sanctuary over the last year and there has been a lot of decor introduced to make it an extension of the home. Have you spruced up the garden with new some lights or furniture?

A little bit of an Indian Summer

We have just added a new date for our very popular Indian Block Printing workshop and this month you will get the opportunity to make a couple of these tea light holders. Perfect for adding a subtle light to the evening.

Garden lights

My garden aspiration…calm and cool

Time to come out of hibernation and get crafty

Fox purse

Spring is on its way and its time to get crafty?

As I look out of my window today there is some definite signs of spring on the way and it is time to come out of the winter hibernation and get crafty!.

Spring is a sign of renewal and with a few flowers appearing along the hedgerows we are all beginning to feel a little more joyous. With Mothers day and Spring just around the corner there are lots of reasons to shake of the cloudy skies and get crafting to bring some cheer into your home.

If you need some inspiration we have quite a few workshops lined up and with a focus on sustainability . A bunch of blooming flowers is always nice to receive but they will wilt ( don’t forget to put them in your compost bin) so how about attending our flowers rag rugging workshop and we will show you how to make beautiful flowers from upcycled fabric?

Another great versatile craft to try is our ever popular Indian Block printing workshop, you could print a tote bag or maybe some fresh crisp pillowcases or a cushion….or all of them!

Of course as we step into spring and start to venture out into the garden we will of course be looking at a range of bunting…sheep and apple trees anybody?

Sheep and country themed hessian bunting

Beginners Crochet or Beginners Knitting?

I haven’t decided – crochet or knitting or can I do both?.

Knitting or Crochet?

So are you a knitter or do you favour crochet or maybe you have learnt to do both, do you think one is easier that one is easier that the other….so many questions?

I have dabbled with both of these crafts over the years but would not say that I am fluent in either!. Both knitting and crochet will enable you to make lots of clothing item, home decor and of course soft toys that may become a family heirloom.

Maybe you don’t really have a preference and it is just the purchasing of the beautiful skeins of yarn that attracts you…or have you attended one of our workshops and are now hooked?

Over the next few months I will let you know how I get on with my renewed interest in these crafts but in the interim let me know if you have a favourite and why?.