Spring Forward

Plant some spring flowers and watch them bloom

Well what a weekend…March is normally as a crafter we have shook off the fatigue from Christmas, Valentines & Mothers Day and are ready to Spring Forward and start making for the raft of fairs and events over the next few months.

What nobody banked on was the entry of Covid-19. As there has been so much in the media and it is a very sad time for so many people we are going to concentrate here on the future.

With the evenings getter brighter why not look to the garden for some inspiration in your crafting. One of the workshops that we have planned when normality returns is a beginners session to wet felt flowers. There will be an opportunity to be creative and colourful, the flowers may not be recognised in the Royal Horticultural Society manual but as long as they put a smile on your face we will be happy.

So whilst we are waiting, look outside, look through magazines and books , home décor or wherever you can find some inspiration and hope and we will catch up soon.

Take a leap

Just as well it is a leap year as I find myself with quite a few things still to do in February and a whole extra day will come in handy

So have you ever wondered about the history of the leap year?. For a date that comes around every 7 years there are a few theories as to its origin – lets take a leap into some of them.

Lets take a look at the origins of the Leap Year…..

So is it Norway , Ireland stories on the good old interweb suggest ladies from these faraway places could have been the influencer on finding a man and doing the asking of a hand in marriage.

Have you taken up a new hobby?

Hobby Month

So did you know that January is Hobby month?

So you may have thought about taking up a new interest or even committing to it as part of your New Year resolutions?. Years ago – when I was a young girl, the most likely hobby was swimming or whatever activity was available at your local village hall, community centre or Youth club…yes I am that old.

The definition of the word Hobby according to Wikipedia is: “a regular activity during your spare time for enjoyment”. However if you search around the internet you will find references to a hobby as far back as 1676 from a Sir Matthew Hale, and this is connected to the term Hobby Horse which was a childhood favourite for many.

In this modern world where we have flexible working but also a lot of technology there is a wide range of activities that you could select to fill your spare time. What is also recognised these days is the psychological benefits of a hobby, giving people the opportunity to switch of from the trials and tribulations of modern day life.

Over the years my hobbies have remained constant with the textile themes of sewing, patch work and latterly felting. I have tried the swimming, running, keep fit, Zumba etc but somehow I always navigate back to activities that I am using my hands and I can see a tangible output.

So What Next?

In November I signed up for an evening class in Botanical Drawing and Watercolours. I never really understood art at school and did not have an interest in it but I am enjoying learning about colour theory and sketching and I think it is a new hobby that I will drift in and out of but can bring some learning to my other crafts.

So most of my free time is booked up, I have left a few hours in the week to do the housework…but I am lucky enough to have a husband who loves a good clean on a Saturday morning so I might just get some extra painting practise in…

So whatever hobby you have or plan to take up make sure you enjoy it and if possible dedicate some time to it regulary.