Craft Kits – What ingredients shall we add?

Are you ready to release your inner creative self?. Here at Wobbly Headquarters we have been developing a range of Needle felted kits for beginners.

There has been a lot of crushed boxes and discarded instructions in the process but we are nearly there.

Having explored the market there appears to be a whole menagerie of animals with the top 3 being hare’s, robins and mice.

So please Bear with us – that might be a clue! , hopefully we will not get to grizzly and make a spectacle of ourselves and we will soon be reunited with our blue teddy.

So if you have any ideas for a starter kit please let us know.




Bear Necessities

Sometimes you just need the bare necessities in life and sometimes you need to have an afternoon needle felting.

This afternoons choice of needle felted collectable was a little teddy bear. The difficult part of the process was selecting the wool to use. Bears come in all shapes and sizes and colours, however today I wanted a more traditional colour so I selected a  wool top from John Arbon Textiles. The Barley Harvest Hues is a perfect mix of mottled browns. with gives the bear some definition.

Core wool, Zwartbles & Merino

To give the bear a firm start in life I added some white core wool and then topped up the body with the Barley Hue which is a mix of Zwartbles and Merino, it is lovely to work with and has a lovely shine that catches the light.

Body Parts

When felting a bear there are several methods, I prefer to make all the body parts separately and then joint then together, this means I can take my time and change the character of each bear as I go.

So once I have jointed the next step is to add the eyes and the nose, this gives each bear a different character and facial expression from sad to happy to surprised.

Great British Bake Off

This afternoons bear has been preparing himself for the new episode of Great British Bake Off – he has a cake ready and over the next 10 weeks is hoping to get a Hollywood handshake – so watch this space for an update. 


Wedding season and happily ever after

So the wedding season is upon us with many a couple making the final preparations of the dress, shoes and those all important wedding party gifts. In recent years has been a growing trend of giving personalised soap and candles to your friends and family instead of the little voile bags containing sugared almonds which has been a long standing tradition.

The Anniversary Gift

So the honeymoon is over and the happy couple settle into life and all to quickly it is the first anniversary. My husband and I have been married a long time but as we approached our 1st anniversary we decided to choose gifts of a traditional nature. So with the first being a gift of Paper I received a book, the second year for Cotton it was a tea towel not so romantic but practical!

Collections of Soap, Wood & Wool

As the years have passed by we have exchanged many gifts and with little expense and a lot of thought these items have become treasured memories. So here are a few suggestions for you if you are looking for new ideas that will be sure to delight and remain traditional.

4th Year – how about some handmade soap? Rose & Vanilla with rose petals is a delight.

5th Year – how about a personalised pyrography plaque with a favourite quote or time and place   – handmade makes it extra special.

7th Year – A little needle felted wool heart – this could be on a brooch or a keying?

we would love to help you find the perfect gift but whatever you choose and however you celebrate your anniversary we offer our congratulations and best wishes.