Wedding season and happily ever after

So the wedding season is upon us with many a couple making the final preparations of the dress, shoes and those all important wedding party gifts. In recent years has been a growing trend of giving personalised soap and candles to your friends and family instead of the little voile bags containing sugared almonds which has been a long standing tradition.

The Anniversary Gift

So the honeymoon is over and the happy couple settle into life and all to quickly it is the first anniversary. My husband and I have been married a long time but as we approached our 1st anniversary we decided to choose gifts of a traditional nature. So with the first being a gift of Paper I received a book, the second year for Cotton it was a tea towel not so romantic but practical!

Collections of Soap, Wood & Wool

As the years have passed by we have exchanged many gifts and with little expense and a lot of thought these items have become treasured memories. So here are a few suggestions for you if you are looking for new ideas that will be sure to delight and remain traditional.

4th Year – how about some handmade soap? Rose & Vanilla with rose petals is a delight.

5th Year – how about a personalised pyrography plaque with a favourite quote or time and place   – handmade makes it extra special.

7th Year – A little needle felted wool heart – this could be on a brooch or a keying?

we would love to help you find the perfect gift but whatever you choose and however you celebrate your anniversary we offer our congratulations and best wishes.



Sisal & Soap


So have you ever wondered how that little bag is made and why it is a great accessory to use with your soap? Sisal is a plant fibre extracted from the leaves of the Sisal tree commonly know as the Agave Sisal Ana. It is a biodegradable fibre and it is great for making bags to hold all your soap ends.

More Than A Bag

Sisal has many uses and it can be found in many everyday products from rope, twine, carpet, paper, hats and footwear. Sisal is a species of Agave native to southern Mexico but widely cultivated in many other countries, and yields a stiff fibre used in making various products. The sisal plant has a 7–10 year life-span and typically produces 200–250 commercially usable leaves. Each leaf contains an average of around 1000 fibres

A small sisal bag has many uses around your house but in particular in the bathroom. These versatile bags are great for holding your handmade soap, either to hold the full bar or all the small ends that you have left.

Exfoliation & Soap

Sisal fibres act as an exfoliant so the bag will help to wash away dead skin cells and combined with your luxury handmade soap your skin will be left feeling clean and refreshed.

Great accessory for your bathroom

You can purchase a Sisal Soap Bag from our online collection:


Bee Tote Bag

Introducing our Hand Printed Bee Tote Bags

With the introduction of a charge  for a carrier bag many consumers are making a wise choice, financially and ethically and now take their own re usable bag with them when shopping.

Tote bags have been around for a long time and vary in fabric choice style and pattern and these bags are so useful for transporting a plethora of items.

Finding the right  style of bag with the right handle size can be a challenge, if the handle is not long enough it is awkward to fit around the owners shoulders.

Our range of hand printed natural cotton bags come with a long handle so are ergonomically friendly and look stylish.

Perfect Gifts

When searching for the right gift within a specified price range it can be difficult and many people overlook the option of a handmade tote bag. Placing a gift into the bag that the recipient can then use for other purposes made the bag functional and attractive.

Spoilt for Choose

With a variety of designs to choose from in our hand printed range a tote bag is a fantastic versatile solution to your gift wrapping and perfect present eureka moment.

Hand printed tote bag