Bee Tote Bag

Introducing our Hand Printed Bee Tote Bags

With the introduction of a charge  for a carrier bag many consumers are making a wise choice, financially and ethically and now take their own re usable bag with them when shopping.

Tote bags have been around for a long time and vary in fabric choice style and pattern and these bags are so useful for transporting a plethora of items.

Finding the right  style of bag with the right handle size can be a challenge, if the handle is not long enough it is awkward to fit around the owners shoulders.

Our range of hand printed natural cotton bags come with a long handle so are ergonomically friendly and look stylish.

Perfect Gifts

When searching for the right gift within a specified price range it can be difficult and many people overlook the option of a handmade tote bag. Placing a gift into the bag that the recipient can then use for other purposes made the bag functional and attractive.

Spoilt for Choose

With a variety of designs to choose from in our hand printed range a tote bag is a fantastic versatile solution to your gift wrapping and perfect present eureka moment.

Hand printed tote bag