Do you need mental clarity – 3 essential oils to help.

Essential Oils to Support Mental Clarity  

At times, we all need some support and mental clarity and this may be achieved with the use of essential oils.

So, for a lot of people we have reached the end of the summer holidays and this week heralds a return to school for a lot of children or even adults.

The mind is ready to receive and process new information, this can sometimes be overwhelming and we may feel that we need to clear the brain fog – this is very easily achieved with the support of some essential oils.

The Top 3

Peppermint is recommended for stimulating the mind and supporting the memory.

Lavender this is probably the nations favourite essential oil and well known to aid a good night’s sleep.

Lemon oil uplifting which is good for reducing stress and boosting your mood.

There are lots of ways of introducing essential oils into your daily routine. You could use some beautiful artisan soaps infused with botanicals and essential oils. Relax in the evening with a soft shimmering light from a soy wax candle with essential oils or maybe introduce some lavender filled sachets to your rooms, (these also look very sweet hanging in your wardrobe)

Whichever essential oil you choose we hope you enjoy the first term back to school.


Reducing The Wobbly Footprint

Supporting Zero Waste

By nature we are often drawn to a product by some fantastic bright sparkly packaging but quite often this is thrown away after opening the product and sometimes we are disappointed with what we find inside. Here at Wobbly Pins headquarters (the conservatory or kitchen depending on the weather) we have tried to be more of a wise owl and use packaging that can be recycled or upcycled instead of the magpie approach with lots of glitz and glamour. Over the last year we have introduced many changes:
* handmade bar soap no plastic bottles  * candles in reusable containers *hessian and paper labels  *patchwork bags   *  reusable gift packaging (wooden trays)     * locally sourced wood ends for pyrography   
Wood straw and box

We will continue to reduce our footprint and are currently reviewing options for the outer packaging including the use of wood straw for all packing. We are also considering how to offer an exchange service with a discount for all our candle glass jars and tins that are returned to us.

If you have any other ideas to help us please get in touch or if you would like to support Zero Waste in your area there are some good resources at