Dry January

Dry January

Traditionally the month of January is devoted to detoxing – how many people have had a dry month in some format?. A few more days until the end of January to reflect to think about what did not work last year, what did go right – either as a result of meticulous  planning or sheer accident and what can we do differently for a more successful, happy and healthy year ahead.

I have been directing these questions to my soapy journey now that I have moved on from the honeymoon period. At the beginning I scoured the internet for information, attended courses, read soapy magazines and washed a lot in 2017, all in the name of research.

Pinterest has been a great companion in the early hours of the morning when I could not sleep, admiring  the many colour and texture combinations of soap makers large and small around the world.

Self Development

So I know what I need to do this year – this means trying some different techniques. I have perfected my trace and have only had 1 seized batch in 18 months, I panicked and threw the soap away in a temper, now I would have the confidence to rebatch it.  I have always lusted after some simple swirls and experimenting with colours, so as a little self development exercise and to achieve this goal I will book myself on another soap course – there is always something new to learn and a good way to network with people with a similar interests.

Faith In Nature

Looking ahead I also want to experiment  and have faith in using natural colours, maybe some nettle and paprika, I will have to raid the kitchen cupboards for inspiration.

Chemical Chain Reaction

The process of soap making and the chemical chain reaction has taught me a lot about myself  – planning, getting the right ingredients in the right order at the right time, dealing with the occasional slip up and making the best of a situation when things go wrong – all can be applied to every day life.

I am at my happiest when I cut the soap and lay it out to cure as I can admire it for a further 6 weeks before it is packed up to be sold. When somebody buys a bar of my soap and I get compliments I still do a little happy jig inside so when I have a bad day over the next 11 months I will reflect on my Dry January and think positive thoughts.