The Clean Ending

The Last Batch

I have just made my last batch of handmade luxury soap so I have a clean ending to 2017. Good old fashioned water(tap, bottled, stream etc.) and a little resist in the form of a flannel, loofah, or a leaf will  get you clean but we are a nation of people that like to add a little luxury & fragrance to our daily rituals with the use of soap.

Over the years we have not always been so keen on washing and liked to wallow in our natural odour.  Elizabeth 1 had a bath once a year “whether she needed to or no” and I am sure there are still folk today who agree with that sentiment.

Over the festive period many people will have received numerous hygiene related products, soaps, bath bombs, massage bars, bubble baths, shower gels etc., in a variety of fragrances and textures but not always natural.

“Hygiene” derives from the Greek goddess of health – Hygeia. The Greeks  understood hygiene as a form of  “longevity knowledge” which we can all incorporate in to our everyday lives and add to the process with some handmade soap.

Beautifully Fragrant

So tonight I  shall be seeing in the new year with an evening of luxury and I shall have a bath especially for the occasion. The only stressful part will be deciding which bar of beautifully fragrant soap to have as my companion.

All of the essential oils used in our soap range have therapeutic benefits but the winner this evening will be ….Neroli & Orange. The fragrance of this exotic sweet smelling, uplifting citrus delight will produce a rich white lather and leave the skin feeling soft and clean heading to the new year.




Cardamom Seed- The Versatile Aromatic Spice

Cardamom seeds are normally associated with cooking but this versatile seed has many other uses. This is one of the most expensive oils in the world (Saffron & Vanilla are the most expensive) and it is produced by steam distillation. Cardamom oil has been used through history to soothe overindulged stomachs by the Romans, and as perfume and incense by the Egyptians. The cardamom seed oil comes from two plants: Ellataria and Amomum. The Ellataria is known as the green or true cardamom whilst the Amomum is know as Java Cardamom. So why have we used it in our Cardamom & Lime soap?. Cardamom seed oil can be used to promote healthy skin as it works as a natural cleanser and toner and combined with the zingy Lime oil makes a vibrant cleansing soap. Why not try some and awaken your senses?