Autumn Hues & Spooky Moods

As we approach the autumn term the last few weeks at Wobbly Pins headquarters have been somewhat hectic. – we managed to the child back to school safely with uniform and books intact and labelled and now we are suddenly approaching half term.

As I am writing this update I can see the trees outside my window in glorious colour and a lot of hues of brown green and gold, we may moan about the weather in the United Kingdom but I think autumn is my favourite season for the changes and colours that it brings.

The needle felting theme at the moment has definitely been autumnal and bordering on spooky as the evenings become darker quicker and we approach Halloween.

I have made a few pumpkins last week and this week will be finishing a few orders for witches- each with their own grumpy personality ready to fly off to a new home.

I am now off to make some pumpkin soup….and find that witch.