Spring Craft Ideas

The mornings are getting lighter and the days are getting longer…must be time to be thinking about some Spring Craft ideas. There are so many crafts that you can do at home to get your creative juices flowing and they do not have to be expensive and can involve the children ( some activities may need supervision).

Some of the easy DIYs for example would be to use old magazines to cut out Easter shapes and string together for bunting. Or if you would like to make something more generic may for the garden you could upcycle an old quilt cover to make bunting and sew by machine or hand.

What about some Salt Dough ( lots of recipes on the internet) or Air Dry Clay Eggs, a perfect excuse to get out those cookie cutters that you have gathered over the years but you could also go free style with your shapes or use some containers to cut your shapes, I find yogurt pots are the perfect size ( just remember to eat the yoghurt and rinse the pot first or it will get messy!). Once the egg has dried you can use some pens to write your Easter message.

Craft books – how many do you need?

cute dog in glasses yawning on bed

Do you like looking through crafts books? Although we can search just about any craft on the internet and there is usually accompanying video available on You Tube there is something I still find satisfying about looking through a book.

As I have been getting our dedicated studio ready for our workshops in the summer I have been sorting through my collection and I think there is room for more. What also amazes me as I uncover the stash is that a book that has been published more than 20 years ago has the same techniques used today, the only difference is sometimes the materials used.

beige knitted handmade piece near magazine
Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

Like many crafters ( did you know according the National Craft report crafters have as many as 5 projects on the go at once!) I have tried many crafts so the collection includes quilting, rag rugging, needle felting, quilling, teddy bear making, soap making, bees wax, wet felting….and that is just the first shelf!

Now they say that you cannot teach a dog new tricks but I think there is always room to learn something new so over the next few months I will be reviewing some of my books and also comparing some new releases now available on the market and of course if you attend one of our workshops you can have a browse through our collection for inspiration.


I think like most people I am glad to see to see the back of 2020 and start the year with trepidation but also with some hope.


Last year I had a lot of plans and made the decision to put down some roots for my small business. Over the last few years it has been great fun attending craft fairs and events and hosting workshops at venues but there also comes a time when you really just want to have everything in one place and not be loading stock in and out of the car/office/garage.

Not on the High Street

As I knew I would not be in my business every day and I would not be hiring staff, the decision to not rent a unit on the high street was an easy one. I wanted somewhere accessible 24/7, within each reach of home and within easy reach of public transport and parking so customers could attend my workshops.

it is difficult to find affordable suitable premises but I had my eye on somewhere local but had to wait for a unit to become available. After a few phone calls and a fleeting visit on a Friday afternoon in November 2020 a match was found – The Springboard Centre in Coalville!

Tune in next month for an update and the plans for 2021