Early morning lights

So the clocks have gone back an hour as we come to the end of British Summer Time. This last week has been great with some early morning light shining through as the sun rises but not so great in the evening and dark on the way home from work.

With the darker evenings I find I want to change up my crafts, partially because I struggle with the light but also I feel a cosier craft is required as we move into the end of Autumn and into early winter.

I love needle felting and although it is time to start on the Snowmen and Christmas elves I find myself veering towards making a cover for a hot water bottle. When I was young we had a traditional stone bottle but then we progressed to the modern oblong rubber shape

Have you ever wondered why we do not have a variety of shapes? – I have managed to find a Heart Shaped bottle so this week I will be felting a cover to keep me extra warm ver the next few weeks as the temperature drops.

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